Fitness Classes

The Health Club at Gleneagles give you access to a wide range of fitness classes, seven days a week. From Spin Beats to Sculpt, there is something to suit everyone.

Fitness Class Timetable


Our 2020 fitness class timetable can be downloaded here.


Please be aware that classes shown may be subject to change. Notices of such will be given as quickly and effectively as possible via Twitter and the advertisement screens at The Health Club reception.

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Which class is for you?


Restore (30 mins) A calming wellness experience set to tranquil tunes — to cleanse the mind and reset the body

Move (45 mins) A fusion of low-intensity exercises to enhance core stability

Recover (30 mins) Stretches and foam rolling to increase blood flow and soothe tired muscles

Pilates (60 mins) Slow, controlled movements and breath control to build core strength and muscular endurance

Yoga (90 mins) Don’t be daunted by the complicated poses and terminology; Yoga is for everyone

Tai Chi (90 mins) An ancient Chinese practice to create serenity and improve strength, flexibility and balance

Aqua (45 mins) A fun pool-based class to boost fitness and build strength


TRX (45 mins) Strengthen your entire body, improve agility, while also getting your heart pumping

Circuits (60 mins) A turbocharged cardio and strength training workout to target different muscle groups and increase fitness

Lift (60 mins) Pick up the pace, turn up the tunes and pump up the motivation in this barbell-based full body high rep workout

Sculpt (60 mins ) Leg-raise, lunge and crunch your way to a more sculpted physique in this classic workout set to classic tunes

Strength & Conditioning (45 mins) Push your lifting to the limits in our CrossFit-style barbell strength programme to change your body for the better!

Omnia 8 PT (45 mins) The perfect introduction to the most versatile rig on the gym floor. Push, pull and lunge your way to greater fitness and strength!

Aerobics (45/60 mins) Shimmy, samba and salsa your way through this fantastic aerobic workout, for guaranteed fun and calorie blasting!


Elements 10 (60 mins) The battle’s as much against the mud and elements as it is against the 10 exercise stations and a 3km trail run.

Elements Extreme (60 mins) From battle ropes and piggy backs to tyre flipping and shuttle runs, come rain, wind or shine!


Spin Express (30 mins) Hop on the bike, turn up the dial, raise your heart rate, sweat buckets and feel the burn!

Spin to Yin (45 mins) Feel the burn with 30 minutes of high-intensity interval training then stretch those aching legs with a spot of yoga style moves.

Spin Beats (45 mins) Swap Friday night on the gin for Friday night at the gym! Turn up the tunes and get the spin party started!


We’re not going to lie – these ones are going to hurt! Take it off the Richter scale in our most challenging ultra-high intensity workouts which kick you right out of your comfort zone to a world of sweat, pain and glory.

The Killer Spin (45 mins) A four-station circuit class combining blasts on the bike with strength and conditioning exercises. This class is going to hurt!

The Killer Workout (45 mins) Using your own body, challenge yourself with Tabata, Pyramid, EMOM and AMRAP high-intensity training methods in this calorie killer of a session!

Knockout (45 mins) This boxing training class combines skipping and boxing drills with core and upper body strength work. Prepare to find your eye of the tiger!

The Killer Challenge (45 mins) Using our new Technogym Skill Line equipment, this workout challenges you to compete against your toughest opponent: yourself.


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