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For those who lead highly stressful lives or sleep poorly, our Ayurverdic inspired treatments are a must. An indulging four-handed massage, with warm oils and hot volcanic stones, balanced by a deeply relaxing head massage is one of the options to take you to a new level of relaxation. These treatments also contain foot massages and skin exfoliations, combined they make for a powerfully calming effect.

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Purva Karma Four Handed Massage



The ultimate, indulgent, unwinding experience

This unique treatment starts with a welcome foot ritual, body exfoliation and a facial cleanse. Using long, sweeping movements, two therapists perform a four handed, tension-releasing body massage using warm poured oil and hot volcanic stones. A balancing and soothing therapeutic scalp massage then leads to ultimate relaxation and total bliss.

INCLUDES: foot ritual, body exfoliation and facial cleanse, four handed massage with hot stones, scalp massage


Ama Releasing Abyhana

£215 or £155

2 HOURS or 1 HOUR 20 MINUTES (massage only)

Discover a renewed sense of wellbeing and calm

Banish stress and poor sleep patterns. Start with a body exfoliation to stimulate and smooth skin, followed by a soothing facial cleanse. Ayurvedic massage techniques and a warm infusion of aromatherapy oils then calm, before a de-stressing scalp massage - which may include pouring warm oil on the forehead and scalp – completes this tranquil experience.

INCLUDES: body exfoliation and facial cleanse, Ayurvedic body massage, scalp massage


Ayurvedic Journey



An entirely personalised treatment tailored for your Ayurvedic Dosha

After a detailed consultation, your therapist will select the perfect combination of body exfoliation, body wrap and hot stone massage. Cleansing Algae or restorative Marine Mud envelop your body, followed by a hot stone massage with personalised combination of essential and Ayurvedic oils, according to your needs: Pitta to cool, calm and soothe Kapha to energise, balance and purify Vata to nourish, hydrate and replenish

INCLUDES: body exfoliation, Algae or Mud wrap, scalp massage, Dosha specific massage


Espa Mindful Massage



Unwind and escape everyday life

This holistic, deeply relaxing experience works on the concept of mindfulness, focusing on both mind and body to reduce stress and be more ‘in the present’. Your therapist will guide you through breathing and visualisation techniques to relax and release physical or emotional anxieties. The metamorphic zones on the feet are massaged to rebalance and ground, before a soothing, deeply therapeutic massage continues up through the body. You’ll finish with a re-energising scalp massage using warm Rose Quartz Crystals and emerge feeling focused, with renewed positivity.

INCLUDES: breathing and visualisation techniques, massage on the metamorphic zones of the feet, full body massage, scalp massage with warm Rose Quartz Crystals



£225 or £165


Blissful, peaceful relaxation for body and mind

This fusion treatment transports you to a world of peace and tranquillity where the day-to-day demands of life become a distant memory – a seamless blend of east and west culminating in the gentle, hypnotic experience that is Shirodhara.

INCLUDES: back massage, Cranio-Sacral treatment to head area, facial cleanse and massage, shoulder and neck massage, Shirodhara, Thai foot treatment



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