Salmon Fishing Trips – FAQs

How much tuition is given?

The salmon fishing day will consist of Speycasting tuition with the double handed salmon fly rod, how to hook a salmon on the fly, how to effectively read a river, how to tie on a salmon fly and general useful and accurate information on all aspects of Scottish salmon fishing.  Our guides are on hand at all time to offer help and guidance.

What do I need to bring?

This package includes use of all required salmon fishing equipment including a salmon fly fishing rod, reel, fly line, waders, waterproof jacket and appropriate salmon flies. Life jackets are also provided and are required to be worn in all cases and at all times while on the river.  All you need to bring is warm clothing and a pair of sunglasses.

What are my chances of catching a salmon?

Wild salmon in their natural environment are unpredictable creatures, and we cannot guarantee you will catch one.  However, under the guidance of a seasoned professional on a productive salmon beat your chances of success are very good.

How long does the day last?

Usually you would meet with your Ghillie at the destination beat between 8.30am – 9.30am, and fish through till 5pm.  There are warm and comfortable facilities to take refreshments and comfort breaks, and the day can be shortened if you wish.

Can I bring my own fishing equipment?

Yes, however if you have recently used your equipment outside of the UK, a declaration will need to be signed by you stating that your fishing equipment has been cleaned in compliance with the Gyrodactilis Salaris parasite control regulations.

Can we keep the salmon we catch?

Most Scottish rivers have a “catch and release” policy.  However if you state at time of booking that you wish to retain your salmon, then we can arrange a venue that will permit this.

Can I bring a friend to watch me fish?

One non-fishing friend is allowed to accompany each party for no charge.

Is there an age limit?

Children must be 10 years or over to fish.

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