Shooting Stands

The Clay Target Shooting layout at Gleneagles has been carefully developed over the past twenty years, evolving into a world-class facility that caters for over fourteen thousand guests, open club members and non-resident visitors annually. The Gleneagles Shooting School is consequently one of the busiest and most successful in the world.

1. The Haggis

A well known Scottish delicacy, this stand provides a very realistic jumping target that propels itself away from the shooter.

2. The Bolting Rabbit

The nemesis of many a shooter, a running 'ground' target from left to right explores the practicalities of shooting where it's going and not where it's been!

3. The Snipe

A fast and variable target that teaches the shooter to mount quickly and acquire this tricky 'bird'.

4. The Woodcock

An outgoing, oblique, 'floating' target that seems simple but can be all too easy to miss.

5. The Partridge

A straight over incoming target, very popular with novices and instructors alike, as shooting the 'Partridge' can help to improve one's morale.

6. The King's Pheasant Tower

The place to practise for those driven 'Pheasants'. This 100ft tower with two ball-traps mounted can, at the press of a button, present almost infinitely variable targets over the gun.

7. The Queen's Tower

Also incorporating our compact sporting layout. This 50ft tower is in many ways thought of as our most testing stand. Elevated and infinitely variable driven targets present sporting targets from every conceivable angle, like the Springing Teal and the Duck, to name just two. Over nine targets can be engaged from this one stand-alone and our team flush from this stand is really something else.

8. The Blackcock

A pair of big, slow-moving 'loopers' – easy to see but difficult to shoot when they're dropping.

9. The Gleneagles Pheasant

The place to start if you want to learn about shooting driven targets. Fixed targets but on a variable height tower, with not much time to 'mount, move and shoot'. Do you go for the left or the right first? Pick your bird!

10. The Unique Ptarmigan

Only found in Scotland, this intriguing Scottish game bird normally lives at above  2000 feet up on the mountain tops and frequently flies under your feet at speed and rapidly curls away into the clouds. Shooting from a stand located up on a tower with panoramic views and exposed to the elements, this white target will certainly test you.

11. The Driven Grouse

Simulating the iconic Red Grouse it flies very low and very fast and if you blink you might miss it! The test of a good rapid mount and follow through. One snag we frequently have to request is that you don't shoot the real ones, they are just for show!

12. The Running Hare

Big long runway, but this one moves at quite a lick!  Because our hares go white in winter, so do ours in season!  Not easy to see and this stand teaches the advocacy of a 'swinging through'.  We can make this one much harder by presenting a 'crossing bird' or another incoming dropping bird if you get too confident.

13. The Crossing Pigeon

Stand 13 - unlucky for some! Right at the end of the ground, big sky, great views and classic crossing 'pigeons' that are variable in their 'flight paths' so we can really test your skill at passing targets.


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