The Gleneagles Equestrian School at Gleneagles is the perfect setting to improve your equestrian skills under expert tutelage. The School offers a wide range of specialist lessons for novice and skilled riders, all of which can be tailor-made to suit your requirements.

Horse riding is a continual learning curve that never ends - many world-class show jumpers are well into their fifties. We will provide you with relevant coaching every step of the way, and when you have learned the basic skills, here are some lessons you may want to specialise in.

Lead Rein Lessons

Children between the ages of 3 and 7 years old are offered a special treat - a lesson on one of our adorable Shetland or small ponies. The most popular members of the equestrian team, our special little ponies, provide a wonderful introduction to the art of horse riding.

Duration 30 minutes. Private lesson.

Beginner Lessons

Never been near a horse? Try something new on well-behaved horses and ponies with highly qualified coaches. Whether you are 8 or 58 years old, first-class tuition at Gleneagles will provide you with the important foundation skills that allow you to enjoy a new sport.

Duration 45 mins. Private, Shared or Group lesson.

Dressage Lessons

The art of classical dressage has entranced practitioners since the time of the ancient Greeks. Here, at Gleneagles, we have a variety of schoolmaster horses that are established in dressage movements such as shoulder-in, travers, renvers and pirouettes.

Duration 45 minutes. Private, shared or group lesson.

Show Jumping Lessons

Whether you are having your first jumping lesson or want to improve your competition skills, we have the horses and coaches to take you from your first cross pole to 1.20m fences.

Duration 45 mins, private, shared or group.

Cross Country Lessons

Once you are jumping show jumps competently you may want to experience the thrill of riding cross country: speed, power and fixed fences! We have over 60 cross-country fences ranging from 20cm high to over 1m and a variety of horses to introduce you to this discipline, or improve your skills.

Duration 90 minutes. Private, Shared or Group. For competent riders only.

Trail Rides

 Available April - October weather permitting

At Gleneagles, the surrounding heather-clad mountains form a perfect backdrop for a relaxing ride in the beautiful Perthshire countryside. After an assessment to match you with your perfect mount, set off with your friendly guide in small groups on a 60m trail ride round our own land. These trail rides are for experienced riders only who are accustomed to riding English style – experience of Western-style riding will almost certainly not be adequate.

Duration 60 minutes. For competent, regular riders only, who can confidently control a horse at a fast canter in an outdoor space*.


*Please note that if in the event your assessor considers that you are not riding at the standard we require for a trail ride, you may still be charged for the full amount.

Own a Pony Experience

Ever wanted to have your own pony; to groom it, ride it and look after it? Well, for groups of four (minimum) aged 6 upwards you can spend two hours learning to do this under expert supervision and make a new lifelong friend.


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