The Equestrian School has a wide range of lessons available for every age and skill level. For further details of what each lesson entails, please refer to our Lessons section.

You don't have to be staying at the hotel to enjoy the many leisure activities at Gleneagles, and residents and non-residents pay the same prices.

Own a Pony Experience

Ever wanted to have your own pony – to groom, cuddle and ride him? Gleneagles can make this possible.

£95 per child – ages 6yrs and upwards

Beginners welcome

Minimum 4 children required for activity to go ahead. Prior booking essential. Subject to availability

Pony Club at Gleneagles

Pony Club is a body that was founded in 1929 for children who own their own ponies, and Centre Pony Club is an initiative introduced in 1998 to give children without their own pony the opportunity to take part.

Gleneagles Equestrian School runs 90-minute Centre Pony Club lessons every week. Children of all ages, from 6 to 18 years old can enjoy a 45-minute riding lesson followed by a 45-minute stable-management session. They will learn how to:

  • Groom and tack up their ponies
  • Feed and look after them
  • Ride

Pony Club runs in 8-week blocks with short breaks for some school holidays. There are groups for all ages and abilities.

How to join

Children need to be Gleneagles Pony Club members – this costs £875 per annum and comes with additional benefits.

Children must also join the Pony Club which will entitle them to badges, newsletters, special prices and branded clothing. Pony Club Centre membership is £31.

We suggest children come for an initial assessment lesson so we can advise them which group they would fit into best.


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