BHS Assessment Training

The Gleneagles Equestrian School is an assessment centre hosting BHS Assessments levels 1 - 4 plus the PTT and IT exams through out the year - see the BHS website or forthcoming events for future dates.

Please call 01764 694344/4351 or send an enquiry to book

2018 Training Days for BHS Assessments

For those people for whom a weekly trip to Gleneagles may not be convenient, we offer training days. All days start at 9.30am with a meet and greet and coffee.

NB - The syllabi for the BHS Assessments is so extensive that it is not possible to cover everything that the assessment requires - these courses should be used to supplement to your current training.

Stage 5 Equitation and Coaching training day
“Beyond the BHS SCCH” with Erik MacKechnie

Tuesday 20 March

9.30am – 2pm, covering elements of the Senior Coach and Senior Equitation Assessments.
£95 per person, to book please call The Gleneagles Equestrian School on 01764 694344.

Beyond the Senior Coach in Complete Horsemanship Schedule

Stage 2

Thursday 1st and 8th February

Thursday 1st and 8th March

1 day £140 / 2 days £250 / 3 days £365 / 4 days £400

Stage 2 TEACH

Friday 2nd and 9th February

Friday 2nd and 9th March

1 day £140 / 2 days £250 / 3 days £365 / 4 days £400

Stage 3

Wednesday 18th April

Wednesday 2nd May

1 day £140 / 2 days £250

Stage 3 TEACH

Thursday 19th April

Thursday 3rd May

1 day £140 / 2 days £250


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