Now Gleneagles is giving guests a chance to learn how to handle and work ferrets at The Ferret School, situated in the grounds of the hotel. Children aged eight and up, and animal-loving adults, can take a 45 minute lesson during which they will learn how to handle and hold a ferret correctly and how to walk it on a harness lead.

Once the basics have been mastered, the ferrets can be put to the test in a race through tubes, which resemble the burrows they hunt naturally. This is great fun for everyone involved including the ferrets! The lesson ends with a simulated hunt at the Gleneagles Warren, an artificial rabbit warren, where guests fit tracking collars to their ferrets and learn how to track them underground as they pursue a dummy bunny.


Prices valid to 31 December 2019

45 minute lesson  : £110 per person

Family lesson : £325

Cancellation without 24 hours notice incurs full payment