For adult drivers, Gleneagles has two off-road courses close to the hotel. Designed by some of Britain's leading off-road specialists, they incorporate natural and purpose-built obstacles including water splashes, ditches, escalating ridges, gullies and steep gradients.


Under expert guidance you will learn techniques such as hill climbs, controlled descents, wading and traversing slopes, as well as general vehicle handling over rough or wet terrain.

Junior Off Road is also available for children in mini Land Rover replicas and All Terrain Off Road offers lessons for teenagers and adults in eight-wheel-drive argocats.

Please note that cancellation for leisure activities with less than 24 hours notice will incur full payment


Junior Skills Lesson

Instruction is given in half-scale Land Rover Series 1 replicas. Once children have mastered the controls on level ground, they complete a circuit of off-road obstacles, including log piles, sleeping policemen and a water splash on the purpose-built Junior course. Available for children aged 4 to 9 years old.

Trials Lesson

Instruction on an off-road trials course, culminating in a scored circuit, where points are deducted for touching gates, for reversing and for stopping. Includes a Junior Off Road Trials certificate. A Skills lesson must be completed prior to a Trials lesson.

Junior Driving Lesson

Children below the age of six, and as young as four, can learn to drive the cars in the grounds of Gleneagles. As well as being great fun, this is also an excellent learning opportunity for children, helping the to develop their hand-eye co-ordination.

Cars conform to British and European safety standards and are fitted with a remote cut-off facility.

All Terrain Off-Road

Argocats are all-terrain, all-weather, semi-amphibious vehicles. They are synonymous with the management of Highland estates in Scotland, allowing landowners to reach steep, rocky or swampy areas that are otherwise inaccessible.

At Gleneagles, teenagers from 10 years and up* and adults can learn to operate these incredible eight-wheel-drive vehicles on land and in water on a challenging purpose-built course, for the ultimate off-road experience.

Off-Road Lessons

Instruction is given in Land Rover 110 Defenders and Range Rovers on two purpose-built off-road courses. Designed by some of Britain’s leading off road specialists, these include water splashes, ditches, escalating ridges, gullies and steep gradients. Session options include 1 hour 15 mins for up to two drivers, 1 hour 45 mins for up to three drivers and 2 hours 30 ins for up to four drivers.


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