The Kennels

If you would like your dog to enjoy all that Gleneagles has to offer too, why not bring them on holiday with you. The Gundog School at Gleneagles has state-of-the-art indoor heated kennels exclusively for dogs belonging to guests, Glenmor owners and members. Each kennel is furnished with a king-size dog bed with a deep, comfortable mattress, so your pet can stay in the lap of luxury.


Kennel staff will clean out, feed and water your dog, and will put it into one of the secure exercise paddocks each morning. Guest access to the kennels is available from 8 am to 9.45 pm. You will be given a key to the kennels and the code to unlock your dog’s personal kennel door so you can take it for walks in the beautiful Perthshire countryside around the hotel. Alternatively, we can walk your dog for you for an additional charge.

Dry dog food is included, or you can bring your own food if your dog has a favourite brand. You can also bring your dog’s own bed and toys if you wish it to have familiar comforts from home.

Owners must supply their dog’s vaccination record one month before checking in, showing that all its vaccinations - including kennel cough - are up-to-date. Further information re specific vaccinations required is available from the Gundog School. Dogs are also permitted in hotel bedrooms – charges apply.

Dogs can share a kennel, with a maximum of two big dogs or three small dogs.


Per Kennel

Price per night

Single occupancy


Double occupancy

+ £25 each additional dog

Dog walking

£40 per hour


£30 per day

Prices valid until 31st December 2019

Cancellations with less than 7 days notice will incur a cancellation charge equivalent to the first night’s stay.


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