Golf Lessons

The PGA® National Golf Academy prides itself on tailoring golf lessons to the individual, focusing on the areas required for improvement. However, certain core elements provide the foundation for its holistic coaching philosophy. A range of golf lesson packages are available for golfers of all abilities, from beginners to advanced players, along with group and junior tuition.

-  PGA Qualified Professional Staff

-  Designated long-game and short-game practice areas

-  High performance custom-fitting with use of TrackMan Technology

-  Technical analysis aided by video capture through GASP system software

-  'Yes' putting analysis system for ultimate putting stroke feedback

-  Biomechanical analysis available through K-Vest system

-  Introduction of physical profiling to aid golf development

-  NLP Master Practitioners within team

-  Demonstration equipment available from the five leading club manufacturers through TaylorMade, Callaway, Ping, Titleist and Mizuno
-  On-course learning environments, The PGA National Academy Course and Pitch & Putt Course supplement the three championship courses and greatly aid the golf coaching experience




Golf Academy General Tariff

Prices (Jan - Dec 2018)

Tuition by Head Professional£165 per person (1 hour)
Tuition by PGA Professional£99 per person (1 hour)
Practice Basket of 35 Balls£3.50 per basket
Practice Basket of 70 Balls£7.00 per basket

The PGA National Golf Academy offers three tuition packages which make the ideal gift for Christmas or a birthday. They are aimed at all levels of ability from beginner to the scratch golfer. The golf lessons give people the sort of help and advice that really gets people thinking and more importantly, improving.

Each tuition package will encompass an analysis of your swing with the latest TrackMan technology.

Choose from The Wee, The Queen's or The King's package.

Lesson Packages

The Wee 2x 1hr Lessons£120 (£60 per lesson)
The Queen's 3x 1hr Lessons £175 (£58 per lesson)
The King's 4x 1hr Lessons £220 (£55 per lesson)


Group Tuition

For 2 people£70 per person (1 hour)
For 3 people£65 per person (1 hour)
For 4 people£60 per person (1 hour)


Junior Lessons

1 person junior£35 (30 minutes)
2 person junior£60 (45 minutes)
3 person junior£75 (1 hour)
Junior lesson package - 3 x 45 min lessons£99 (£33 per lesson)


Group Clinics

5-10 people£375 per hour
11-16 people£475 per hour
17-24 people£575 per hour
25-34 people £750 for 90 minutes
 35-50 people £950 for 90 minutes
 51 people or more £1,100 for 90 minutes


Playing Round with a Professional

King's, Queen's or The PGA Centenary Course£285 (18 holes) (excluding green fees)
The PGA National Academy Course£145 (9 Holes)  (excluding green fees)


Golf Days Tournament Administration

1 - 24 people£350
25 - 50 people£450
 51 - 100 people£675
 100 people or morePrice upon application
Practice Basket of Balls £7


Professional Services

Beat the pro (per hour)£99 (per professional)
String Putting Competition£330
Individual Pre round swing checks  (20 mins)£35
Group Pre round swing checks  (1 hour)£99 (per professional)
Trackman software (Longest drive) (1 hour)£99 per hour with a Professional


Hire of Academy

Top end of the range£3,000
Bottom end of range£750



Junior Golf Lessons

The primary goal remains fun at every level and the stimulation of interest to ensure that the junior golfers of today embrace the sport and continue to enjoy their development as they become the successful golfers of tomorrow; success being measured by the amount of pleasure that they get from their time in the sport.

Using the latest training techniques in Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) and Sport Specifc Skills (SSS), we incorporate every day skills into the golf swing. Whether it be throwing, jumping, football or tennis. We are trained to take the skills our pupil will have and transfer them into the swing, to make our lesson more fun and easier to pick up.



Concentrates on learning the fundamental aspects of the game from set-up; to long-game, short-game and putting actions; rules and etiquette; equipment choices; introduction to the golf course environment; all the while ensuring that you continue to have fun during every step of the learning process.


Allows you to refine your technique through increased knowledge and understanding of how your golf swing works.  Assisted improvement and progression is attained through the latest analysis systems/techniques and increased development through the introduction of additional holistic coaching areas, such as the physical and mental elements of the game.


Looks to focus on every aspect of the game that can affect performance; including technique, equipment, physique, strength and conditioning and psychological training, using the latest, most innovative equipment available.  Ultimately, this provides you with the feel of a tour player entourage to develop your game to optimum potential - all in one place.


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