Falconry School

The British School of Falconry was the world’s first dedicated falconry school when it was established in 1982. Having moved to Gleneagles in 1992, the school now instructs more than 4,000 people a year in this ancient pursuit.


Our expert falconers teach the basic skills and techniques of this fascinating sport – one of the oldest and most aristocratic in the world – providing guests with hands-on experience of handling and flying Harris hawks.

Equipped with Barbour jacket, boots, and a falconer's glove – all of which are provided by the school – you will be guided through the essential techniques of working with these magnificent birds of prey.

Your skills can be developed further during sessions hunting with the birds on nearby sporting estates, offering a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the Scottish countryside in a unique and memorable way.

For more information contact the British School of Falconry on 01764 694347

Introductory Lessons

45 minutes

Provide "hands on" experience in handling and flying a Harris hawk. An introductory lesson with hawking (2 hours 30 minutes) combines basic techniques with hunting.

Hawking Days

Half day: 2 hours 30 minutes
Full day: 5-6 hours

A hunting session during which guests fly Harris hawks at rabbits and game birds in season on local sporting estates.

Falconry for Groups

1 hour 30 minutes

Offers a private flying demonstration, including eagles, hawks and falcons, with an opportunity for guests to handle and fly Harris hawks.


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