Andrew Fairlie
21/11/1963 – 22/01/2019

Andrew Fairlie, one of the greatest chefs of his generation, passed away peacefully on 22 January 2019 surrounded by his family. He had fought a long and incredibly brave battle with a brain tumour. Read More…




Two Michelin-starred dining experience

The only one restaurant in Scotland to hold two Michelin stars. This exquisite restaurant is a sumptuous setting for a meal that will live long in the memory, combining the very best in French and Scottish cooking. The signature dish is the smoked lobster, its intense smokiness coming from a five-hour infusion over whisky barrel chips.

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Andrew Fairlie

Chef’s Favourites

Home-smoked Scottish lobster with Krug Grande Cuvée

Smoked Lobster has been on my menu for many years – a dish inspired by my time with Michel Guérard. It showcases the very best of Scottish shellfish, and Krug Grande Cuvée has everything to partner it – great structure and acidity; complex citrus notes and flavours of butter and fresh-baking. I have always also felt a real affinity between the way Krug approach their craftsmanship and how I approach my own.

Perthshire Roe Deer with Nuits-Saint-Georges

We are blessed with a fabulous supply of game on our doorstep, and I love the Roe Deer for its refined eating quality - beautifully lean, and not overly “gamey”. This is brilliantly matched by the balance of power and finesse of Nuits-Saint-George, from the likes of Domaine Henri Gouges. The red fruits characteristics and woodland flavours develop as the Burgundy matures, making a spectacular partner to this wonderful deer.

Freshly Shaved White Truffle with Barbaresco

Frequently, things that grow together taste great together. White truffles from Piemonte partnered with Barbaresco – from a master wine maker like Angelo Gaja – is simply a match made in heaven.

Andrew Fairlie
Andrew Fairlie Chef-Patron

Interview – Behind Scotland's highest rated chef

by Owen Pritchard, 26 July 2016
What makes your restaurant so special?

Everything is personal. It is a chef-patron-run restaurant where everything matters to us. We have an amazing rolling roster of hospitable young people from Scotland and all over the world, whose dedication and attention to detail creates a remarkable dining experience.

What influences your cooking?

Scotland and the seasons is the obvious answer. In the autumn it’s game; in winter it’s the most amazing shellfish – which are at their absolute best during the colder months – and in the spring and summer it’s our Victorian walled garden, which is a constant source of stimulation. We grow over 250 types of herbs, vegetables and fruit, and there's always something new and intriguing appearing in the kitchen.


After 35 years as a chef what still stimulates you?

I constantly find new ideas and new ways of looking at things through travel. The global brotherhood of chefs at my level are a constant inspiration to each other. Meeting artisans and artists who are totally focused on their craft, be it winemakers, farmers, cheese producers, potters, textile designers – indeed, anyone who has a genuine passion for what they do. I also make a point of taking part in educational trips to countries whose culture and cuisines interest me – recently Japan, Thailand and Hong Kong.

What's the most frequent comment from your guests?

Curiously, it’s how amiable and characterful the service is. People come expecting a luxurious environment, attentive service and great food – but not a relaxed, charming experience. We never intended to create a "temple of gastronomy" but we did want to create a theatre where people came to enjoy an holistic experience. This is very important to us.


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