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Hitting the sweet spot

 WORDS Tom Higson - PGA Golf Pro

April 11, 2019

Club fitting at Gleneagles


We’ve all got that go-to “gamer” at the back of our bag – that dependable old club we revert to when we’re losing shots – but it’s a good idea to come for a custom fit to establish whether some of those lost shots could actually have been saved if you’d invested in better kit.

When you’re using ill-fitting equipment, you’re likely to make compensations in your swing which will impact on your consistency, whereas, when you’re using clubs that are custom-fitted to your individual swing, the clubs will assist you in controlling distance and improving your consistency.

All golfers have their own unique technique, and even our individual techniques don’t remain static – they develop as we get better or older – so even clubs that were custom fitted to optimise your performance three years ago might not be assisting you like they once did.

Years ago, golfers would head to their golf shop and pick something off the shelf, but now it’s a complete science.

When you come to The Academy for a custom fit, we use the latest technology like Trackman to analyse your essential swing data – which enables us to see exactly which clubs work best with your individual technique.  We’ll take some initial data from your existing clubs to set a benchmark, and then we’ll work through a range of different shaft and head options – from all five of the industry leading manufacturers – to improve that performance and show you how much hardware can help your game.

For instance if you’ve got a slower swing speed and you’re struggling to get the yardage, using a lighter and livelier driver shaft – and combining it with a higher launch and lower spin – will produce a rainbow-shaped ball flight to help maximise distance.

Custom fitting isn’t just for drivers – it’s also for irons, wedges, putters and even the golf ball itself. Contact the Academy team on 01764 694343 to book your session and we’ll have you hitting that sweet spot and splitting the fairway in no time!

Country Pursuits May 16,2019

King’s and Queen’s Celebrate 100-Year Anniversary

Wednesday 1 May proved a memorable and historic occasion on Gleneagles’ golfing calendar, the day officially marking the 100-year anniversaries of The King’s and Queen’s Courses.
Golfers walking along the courses at Gleneagles
golf March 12,2019

Swing for Spring

Our PGA golf pro Clarke Lutton used to play on the European Tour, so you’d expect him to know his punch shot from his lob shot and his fade from his draw, but half the battle in golf, says Clarke, is preparation – especially at the start of the season.
Golfer Paul Lawrie stood on green of Kings Course at Gleneagles
golf July 03,2018

Lawrie tees up a feast of summer golf at Gleneagles

Having had his photograph snapped many times before on Gleneagles’ hallowed courses, the celebrated golfer, and 1999 winner of The Open, is no stranger to the limelight.

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