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Here Comes the Sun

PHOTOGRAPHY Abigail Ponce Harvey

January 21, 2017

A yoga retreat is the perfect way to calm the mind and revitalise the body – but how do you keep the benefits fresh back home? Ahead of the first Gleneagles Nourish and Restore retreat with the A-listers’ yoga brand of choice, lululemon, instructors Helen and Demelza share their top tips

1. Less is more
The thing about yoga is, there’s no shortcut – you need to put in the time on the mat in order to move forward with your practice. That being said, people often set themselves unrealistic goals and end up falling at the first hurdle. Aim to take just ten minutes each day to focus on one specific pose, rather than anything longer, and you’ll be surprised how much more time you find for yoga as your confidence grows.

2. Join forces
There’s nothing quite like the energy and enthusiasm you’ll find during a group retreat, but it’s definitely worth attending a weekly class back home. If you’re struggling to stay motivated, you’ll find the progress of others around you inspirational, and it’s always important to keep learning and challenging yourself. Plus, if you’re making a commitment financially, there’s an extra incentive to go.

3. Turn techie
It might seem strange to switch on when your goal is to switch off, but using technology can help you maintain the knowledge you’ve acquired on your
retreat – there’s a lot to remember. The internet can connect you with some of the best teachers in the world, so you will still get access to an exceptional level of expertise and, crucially, you can work at a pace that’s right for you. An online yoga platform such as YogaGlo is a really great starting point.

4. Salute the sun wherever you are
When you’re travelling or away from home it’s often tempting to put things on hold, but in fact, this is when you need the restorative properties of yoga the most. Ten minutes of Sun Salutations in the morning sets you up with a great mindset and gets the blood pumping and the muscles warm. Stand with your feet hip-width apart, stretch to the ceiling and then bow forward.

5. Try yoga in bed
If you’re really struggling to make time for your practice, you don’t even need to cast off your duvet. Just sit up straight in bed and do some organic stretches that open up your body – go with whatever feels good. Ultimately yoga isn’t meant to be a chore or a way of complicating your life – whether it’s a busy home life, a stressful job or a physical ailment, yoga has an incredible ability to support and heal you when you need it most. A retreat is a great way to kick-start your
daily routine – keep things up back home and you’ll be amazed by what it can do for you.




Places on the lululemon Nourish and Restore yoga retreat at Gleneagles on the 2nd and 3rd June are strictly limited and priced from £1180 based on two people sharing a room.

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