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The Glorious Strathearn is Open

May 16, 2019

The tables are set, the candles are lit and the Champagne is flowing…

The Glorious Strathearn is open.



Design With a Story

Inspired by the golden age of railway travel when glamorous socialites would travel in style to the hotel and enjoyed the most luxurious carriage experience, the new-look Strathearn celebrates Gleneagles’ heritage as one of the original great railway hotels. The new design pays homage to that glamorous era, through a setting that evokes the theatre of the outdoors, the beautiful flora and fauna of Scotland, and the fine dining experiences of the 1920s and 30s.




A Theatre of Food

By elevating all the aspects of the restaurant that have been cherished by generations of guests – the elegant décor, the history, the lively atmosphere, the showmanship of the gueridon trolleys the culinary theatre and the exceptional food – the team has raised the stakes in fine dining and created something unforgettable. Steeped in rich Franco-Scottish tradition, the restaurant focuses on seasonal, locally-sourced ingredients – serving classic dishes like beef Wellington, crêpe Suzette and Scottish smoked salmon.



History... Still in the Making

Originally known simply as “the Dining Room”, The Strathearn has been a place for decadent dining and lively celebrations since the hotel opened in 1924. On opening there was much media fascination that, in The Dining Room’s kitchen, all the cooking and baking was done by electricity, there was equipment for washing 4,000 dishes an hour, an automatic potato peeler and egg boiler, and a huge tank contained a supply of fresh trout.



 If we’ve whet your appetite, book our new Strathearn Nights overnight stay and enjoy an evening of decadent dining then sleep it off before your next day of fun at the glorious playground. 

dinner April 11,2019

Creating a buzz!

While our designers are busy putting finishing touches to our new-look Strathearn restaurant in time for the big relaunch on 1 May, our chefs are busy working their magic on a brand new menu!

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