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dinner April 11,2019

Creating a buzz!

While our designers are busy putting finishing touches to our new-look Strathearn restaurant in time for the big relaunch on 1 May, our chefs are busy working their magic on a brand new menu!
celebrations April 11,2019

Here’s to the celebrations, shindigs and soirées!

From birthday party flash mob singers to wedding proposals made by our falcons, our Event Manager, Karen McVeigh, explains why private events at Gleneagles are so special.
Golfers walking along the courses at Gleneagles
golf March 12,2019

Swing for Spring

Our PGA golf pro Clarke Lutton used to play on the European Tour, so you’d expect him to know his punch shot from his lob shot and his fade from his draw, but half the battle in golf, says Clarke, is preparation – especially at the start of the season.
Country Pursuits March 12,2019

Reeling in the excitement

Few adventures are more exciting than spring salmon fishing on the world-renowned River Tay. Our senior fishing ghillie, Gerry Rattray, has represented Scotland in elite level fishing five times, but he still remembers the day he caught his first salmon.
breakfast March 12,2019

Look what’s crêped up in time for spring!

Heard the news? We’ve introduced a flavour of French street food to our Birnam lunch menu. From creamed spinach, Gruyère and egg to Nutella, banana and hazelnut, our new crêpes and galettes offer the perfect pick-me-up or decadent dessert.
breakfast July 05,2018

Welcome to Ochil House

Welcome to Ochil House, our brand-new wing – the perfect place for the next generation of fresh perspectives and fresh thinking.
Eggs, bacon and coffee in the Birnam Brasserie
breakfast July 05,2018

Are you a breakfast person?

Some are, some aren’t. The 3rd Duke of Buckingham liked breakfast so much that, in 1501, he built himself a ‘breakfast room’.
Man with shotgun walking over a moor
Lifestyle July 02,2018

Making Memories

As he made his way back home from the Gleneages Hotel last August, Marcus Janssen knew that he had just made more memories that would last a lifetime.
Gleneagles - The Den
Children January 26,2018

A Den of Imagination

The toy fire is taken from the toy campsite to the toy railway carriage to create “a steam engine”. The train driver shouts to his crew that the steam has caused a fire at the nearby toy stables, so the hobby horses must be rescued. Luckily, a six-year-old vet is on hand to check over the hobby horses and administer toy carrots.
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