The Gleneagles™ Hotel

Wellness Tests

Our ESPA Life practitioners focus on wellness and prevention and take an active role in assisting you to manage your health profile, by using specific tests designed to help identify possible imbalances. Unlike traditional pathology tests that focus on disease, the tests we recommend focus more on how effectively the body is functioning and provides an understanding of your present health status.  The tests help identify areas that may be improved to optimise wellness.

Please note that some wellness are included in our lifestyle programmes, however, following your consultation with the Naturopath, additional tests may be recommended; these carry an additional chargethat can range individually from £50 to £800. Please note that due to the nature of some of the tests, some results can take up to 21 days to be returned to your Naturopath.

To book an ESPA Life treatment or programme, call ESPA Life at Gleneagles directly on 01764 694332