The Gleneagles™ Hotel

The Journey Starts Here

During an in-depth consultation, your Naturopath will begin by assessing your current health status. This will involve asking questions about your medical, nutritional, emotional and physical well-being and may include an iris analysis and bio impedance analysis.

A review of your current lifestyle will help determine the spa treatments or programmes best suited to your health and lifestyle aims. Your Gatekeeper may then recommend certain wellness tests at this stage.

After this initial assessment your Naturopath will review the information in detail and, during a second appointment, will outline your path to wellness, which will include dietary advice, recommended supplementation, suitable lifestyle programmes or referrals to the appropriate complementary and alternative medicine, fitness or spa professionals.

The Initial Wellness Consultation 1 hour 15 minutes £130

Follow up Consultation from 45 minutes £80


To book an ESPA Life treatment or programme, call ESPA Life at Gleneagles directly on 01764 694332