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Find Your Perfect ESPA Gift

ESPA presents a collection of gifts on everyone’s wish list.

The ESPA Gift Collection is available in the Spa by ESPA at Gleneagles - call 01764 694332 or email for more information.

Available while stocks last.


ESPA_Momentsof Peace _Collection


Moments of Peace
Soothing Candle 70g
Soothing Body Oil 28ml
Escape the day as you light your
Soothing Candle and delight
in the aromas of Sandalwood,
Ylang-ylang, Frankincense and
Myrrh. Then warm body oil
between your palms and enjoy a
deeply relaxing massage.




ESPA_Little Box Of Joy _Collection

Little Box of Joy
Restorative Bath Oil 28ml
Optimal Body TriSerum 12ml
Let go of everyday stresses and
strains as you slip into warm waters infused with nature’s ultimate de-stressors – Sweet Orange, Rose Germanium, Palmarosa and Lavender – before finishing with a deeply nourishing spritz of our bestselling Optimal Body TriSerum.






 ESPA_Enlighten Candle _200g

Enlighten Candle 200g
Infused with Sweet Orange, Bergamot and Jasmine aromatherapy oils, this beautiful candle releases divinely-scented, enhancing aromas into the air
with every exquisitely glowing moment.






ESPA_Winter Spice Candle _410g


Winter Spice Candle 410g
Curl up and unwind with
our celebrated Winter Spice Candle, featuring the evocative fragrances of Sweet Orange, Clove, Cinnamon and Ginger.








Winter Spice Reed Diffusers  £35.00

**Exclusive to Gleneagles**

Create a divinely sensuous and festive ambience in your home with our intensely aromatic spicy blend of Sweet Orange, Clove, Ginger and Cinnamon.



Bergamot And Jasmoine Collctions

Bergamot and Jasmine Hand Care Collection
Delicately cleanse and beautifully moisturise your skin with our luxurious hand care essentials, while treating your senses to an uplifting blend of Bergamot, sensual Jasmine and Cedarwood.




ESPA_The Replenishing Collection

The Replenishing Collection
Hydrating Cleansing Milk 200ml
Hydrating Floral SpaFresh 100ml
24-Hour Replenishing
Moisturiser 55ml
These hydrating heroes will instantly transform skin from parched to plumped, stressed to
supple and dull to dazzling.



ESPA_The Balancing Collection

The Balancing Collection
Balancing Foam Cleanser 150ml
Balancing Herbal SpaFresh 100ml
24-Hour Balancing
Moisturiser 55ml
Instantly calm, soothe, brighten and clarify even the oiliest skin with this balancing skincare collection.



ESPA_Optimal Skin _Collection

The Optimal Skin Collection
Optimal Skin ProCleanser 100ml, Optimal Skin ProSerum 30ml
Optimal Body TriSerum 50ml
Reveal visibly brighter, healthy skin with this limited edition face
and body care collection. Naturally advanced and scientifically proven, our bestselling Optimal Skin collection delivers instant
results to clarify, balance, hydrate and strengthen skin.


ESPA_The Ultimate ESPA Collection

The Ultimate ESPA Collection
Optimal Skin ProCleanser 55ml, Optimal Skin ProSerum 30ml,
24-Hour Replenishing Moisturiser 55ml, Bio Active Eye Cleanser 50ml,
24-Hour Replenishing Eye Moisturiser 25ml, Restorative Bath Oil 50ml
Restorative Body Oil 50ml, Body Smoothing Shower Gel 55ml
Smooth & Firm Body Butter 55ml
Revitalised, glowing skin is the Holy Grail of beauty and generally the
preserve of a visit to the spa. Yet with our celebrated skincare essentials
and body beautifiers all that’s required is a little time to relax while our
potent formulas work their magic.


ESPA_Soothing Essentials _Collection

Soothing Essentials
Soothing Bath Oil 50ml
Soothing Body Oil 50ml
Soothing Candle 200g
Pink Hair and Scalp Mud 55ml
Immerse yourself in a candlelit bathing ritual, infused
with a comforting blend of Sandalwood, Ylang-ylang
and Rose Geranium.



ESPA_Mens Ultimate Finish _Collection (with Tin)

The Ultimate Finish Collection
Invigorating Facewash 60ml
Dual Action ShaveMud 70ml
The Hydrator 35ml
Three everyday essentials for men to cleanse, shave and moisturise for soothed, smoothed and
energised skin all day.



Life Stage Collection

The LifeStage Collection
LifeStage Moisturiser25ml, LifeStage Net8 Serum 30ml
LifeStage Eye Moisturiser 15ml
Target the most visible signs of ageing with our pioneering collection of age-defying skincare. Utilising cutting-edge age defying technology alongside a powerful blend of ten natural active ingredients, this luxurious gift leaves skin feeling  smooth, firm and beautifully radiant.