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Glenmor Ownership Prices

Ownership options

As a lodge owner, you can choose to spend your time at the Glenmor holiday village in one of two ways:                  

  • 7 Night Tenure
  • Short Break Tenure

Whether you plan to use your lodge as a couples' getaway, a family haven or a group holiday destination, both options represent an exciting holiday in and around some of the most beautiful countryside.

 If you cannot use your lodge for any reason there is no need to worry: we are pleased to offer a rental service on your behalf.

7 Night Tenure

A week in a Glenmor lodge promises a holiday to remember - and a chance to enjoy everything the hotel and its surrounding estate hold. The price of lodge ownership with a 7 Night Tenure varies depending on how many bedrooms you require and time of year of visit.

Prices start at £10,110 for a 2 bedroom lodge during the Winter Break period. Tenures can be purchased throughout the year and cover every popular holiday period: Hogmanay, Christmas and Peak (which covers summer).

 A 7 Night Tenure offers access to your lodge for 7 nights a year until 2058.

Find out about our 7 Night Tenure options and prices >>>

Short Break Tenure

If a week-long tenure is too long for you, we also offer Glenmor lodges with Short Break Tenures: alternating three and four-day stays per year - the perfect length for those who need their holiday to fit a busy schedule.

Short break tenures allow you to arrive on Friday and depart the following Monday for a three night stay - or arrive Monday and depart on Friday for a four night stay.

Tenures are available throughout the year and include every popular holiday season. Like the 7 Night Tenure option, Short Break prices vary by size of lodge and time of year.

Prices start at £6,680 during January and November.

Short Break Tenures also offer ownership periods which last until 2058.

 Find out about our Short Break Tenure options and prices >>>

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