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Falconry Breaks & Offers

Opportunities to experience the thrill of falconry are not common. Rarer still is the chance to combine the best tuition available through The British School of Falconry in Scotland and all the comforts and refinements of true Scottish sporting hospitality at the Gleneagles® Hotel.

Under the expert guidance of our team of instructors, you will be able to enjoy the unique thrill of falconry in Scotland. Equipped with jacket and glove, you will learn the basics of handling and flying Harris hawks in an introductory 45 minute lesson.

Falconry is the oldest and most aristocratic of sports and has fired the imagination of poets, princes and warriors. Scotland gives us the majestic setting and wild beauty of the Perthshire hills you can enjoy watching your hawk swoop towards your gloved fist. There are so many delights for the senses to take in - the soft tinkle of bells, the heather scented air, the grasp of talons as the bird steadies on your gloved hand, the folding of wings and the brightness of the hawk's beady eye. This is the essence of falconry which few are lucky or privileged to experience.

Falconry Break

Here at Gleneagles you can tailor-make your own special programme by booking your overnight accommodation and joining it up with your Falconry requirements.
Whatever you want is just fine with us.

Our Resort Sales Team will  help you to get your ideal falconry break break intinerary.

Equipment and Clothing Guide

Waxproofs, boots and gloves are provided. Falconry equipment and accessories are for sale at the Falconry School.

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