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Gleneagles Access Statement


Our site is designed to be machine readable as well as user friendly. Whilst efforts have been made to create a site which will apeal to all, many users will want to change our default settings. The site has been designed to make this as simple as possible. There is an excellent resource detailing what preference can be changed and how to change them at the BBC's my web, my way web site.

Missing widgets

You may have noticed that this site lacks some "standard" web accessibility widgets. For example, a text resizer. This is a deliberate act - we think that it is better to educate users how to set their own browser preferences rather than trying to recreate browser functionality on our web site.

Futher information on this can be found at the W3C's (World Wide Web Consortium) accessibility information page

It has also been a conscious descision not to enforce access keys or a tab index. There has been much debate on the benefits and possible harm caused by both these features. Access keys are notorious for causing conflicts with web technologies. Tab index is often not necessary when a site has logically ordered content.